How Characters was Born


Tea House & Hot Stone Restaurant

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Having worked in the entertainment business for many years and then later going on to own big food houses which were highly successful and popular, I always wanted the opportunity to open a more intimate teahouse and bring back 'Afternoon Tea' as the elegance and grace about the whole affair captivated me and being able to offer the customers a unique and imtimate experience is something that has always inspired me. I have personally managed many restaurants and bars, all of which having been located in environments which were a contrast to one another with some being in Hale Barns, Manchester and the other being on Conwy Marina, Conwy. As a consequence we had to accommodate the differing needs of the customers and adapt to taking into consideration the differing functions that each of the pubs had to perform, to fit the needs of each environment. This has enabled me to have an eclectic mix of inspiration, that I have taken from my many years in the business; and which has now evolved to be my idea for Characters Teahouse and Curiosity Shop. I have had this personal vision for over twenty five years and finally I have had the opportunity to make it a reality.

Characters Teahouse and Fine Dining Restaurant entails three key concepts; it is unique, a home from home for people and place in which anyone can walk in on their own and be made to feel like part of the family. It is a family run business and we strive to create a place of warmth that enchants with the old ‘Afternoon Tea’ concept and that creates an air of elegance whilst still maintaining the comfort to make it feel like your own home.


In a nutshell we hope to create a teahouse in the day that opens its doors to anyone and everyone with open arms,  but without the pretentious atmosphere that can sometimes come hand in hand with it. Instead we hope to create an atmosphere that is one of comfort and homeliness. We will look forward to seeing and serving you and hopefully you can become part of the Characters Teahouse and Curiosity Shop family!

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